Anybody noticed that the Federal Government has frozen the numbers of university places that are being funded for the next two years?

There never was any likelihood of Commonwealth funding, for new places at the Sutherland/Petrie University, now there is even less chance. Perhaps the ratepayers can pick up the bills again?

But then again the whole deal had nothing to do with tertiary education and, it would appear, everything to do with real estate/development and for providing opportunities for mates who own land in the surrounding Priority Development Area.

Perhaps this secretive project should be finally thrown open to a public enquiry so that we can all read:

  • the contract of sale for the land
  • the business plan
  • the feasibility study
  • the contamination report
  • the funding model
  • the agreement with the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • the ownership details for land within the Priority Development Area
  • the number  of ratepayer funded contracts entered into without tenders.
  • the occasions, if any,  when councillors failed to declare an interest in a council decision relating to land adjacent to the university owned by donors to the Moreton Futures Trust.


With regards,

Ken Park