This is the 2nd update we have had from Moreton Bay Communities Alliance of which Sandstone Point Community Association is one of the founding members.
It is disgraceful that our Mayor Sutherland cannot spend a few minutes of his time talking to this group that represents over 23 Community Groups in the Region.  We have not been able to get the Mayor to be our guest speaker at our meetings as he is always so busy.
It is important for members to know that when we were part of Caboolture Shire Council, Mayor Joy Leishman was a guest speaker at our meetings and she was available to meet with SPCA Committee members at Caboolture.
Mayor Leishman and her Councillors gave up their time to meet with the Association at Sandstone Point for a couple of hours at one meeting.
Unfortunately, with this bigger MBRC Council, we are small fry or they consider that they are too important to talk to the ratepayers who pay their salaries.
I encourage you all to read the latest Update attached.
Margaret Kelly