30th JANUARY

Residents friends and interested parties are cordially invited to attend a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING at Caboolture Memorial Bowls Club 101 King St. to discuss the future of our organisation - your issues - your future!

Meeting will be at the above club at 10 a.m. on Monday 30th January 2017. Parking available off street.

We invite members, friends and neighbours .

We ask for your ideas for progress towards achieving the option to vote for our future..

We seek only the right to vote on deamalgamation.

Boundary changes could result from a YES vote.. a  NO vote maintains the status Quo!

Please add this meeting date to your New Years' Resolution list!

SEATING IS LIMITED - BOOK with Secretary Alan to reserve a seat -

alan@reclaimcabooltureshireinc,com or ken@reclaimcabooltureshireinc,com or bas@reclaimcaboolturehireinc.com

or phone patron  Bas at 07 5429 5060 for more information.

Regards leo@reclaimcabooltureshire.com  3408 7305.











Chairman Ken Park has written to Scott Morrison, the Australian Treasurer and also to the Commonwealth Minister for Education, Senator Birmingham. The purpose is to warn them against financially supporting the “Sutherland University” and the Priority Development Area [PDA] which includes the proposed Petrie university campus and a huge area of privately owned land. All of the PDA will have a specially prepared fast-track development plan which will enhance the valuations and development potential of the privately owned land. It is suggested that the Commonwealth needs to do its own homework, very thorough homework before making any commitment.

In the letter to Canberra there are two other documents attached:

  •  A copy of a letter sent some time ago to our Deputy Premier pointing out all the issues with the university proposal. By now everybody except the council is aware of the physical, environmental and pollution issues with the site, not to mention the lack of a feasibility study justifying a campus at this site, not to mention the lack of a business plan.
  • Also forwarded to Canberra is copy of comments made to the CCC a week ago about the conduct of certain councillors of MBRC in connection with the PDA.
  • Details can’t be released until the CCC agrees.  Ken has suggested that the Commonwealth should steer well clear until the CCC has had a good look at this.



First it was flooding of 100 houses during construction; then signals that wouldn’t work with complete safety; now it is a timetable that won’t work because nobody thought to employ some extra drivers to do the extra services out to Redcliffe. Tell me again, how much are we paying these guys ?

If I had invested $110million in an enterprise I would expect a seat on the board and I would be watching over the diligent use of my funds a bit better than we have seen here. If we didn’t get a seat at the top table then presumably somebody was appointed to be our liaison person? Who might that be, we wonder? KEN PARK & TEAM!