Hon Jackie Trad MP

Deputy Premier of Queensland

Dear Madam,

I refer to your press announcement that you have appointed SMEC to investigate the severe damage to approx 100 homes in the Deception Bay/Rothwell areas owing to flooding in the Saltwater Creek catchment during the recent catastrophic rains.

May I please have a copy of the terms of reference for this enquiry and a copy of the procedures put in place for the conduct of the enquiry.

I am particularly concerned that the residents who have been affected have free access to expert engineering, meteorological, hydrological and legal advice.

I am appalled that you have appointed SMEC to manage this enquiry because:

  • The corporation has no special legal skills for examining evidence, assessing liability and recommending compensation.
  • SMEC has, or seeks to be, a consultant to the Commonwealth Government, the Queensland Government and the Moreton Bay Regional Council, the joint funders/owners of this rail line!
  • They have a perceived conflict of interest because they are presumably biased against bringing down a finding adverse to past, present or potential clients.
  • SMEC has a very real conflict of interest in that they themselves are a sub-contractor to Theiss,  the principal contractor, for the delivery of environmental approvals for the whole rail line and its adjacent areas.
  • Some of the factors that caused this flooding will have been examined and recommended by SMEC.
  • It is against all principles that the enquiry be conducted by somebody who will be assessing their own work and the work of their client.
  • I am appalled that SMEC would even consider accepting this commission.
  • Yours faithfully - Ken Park
    Note: Ken Park has experience as a Shire Engineer - Mayoral duties - Chairman of; MBRC Community Alliance;and the Qld Local Govt Reform Alliance The visitor total on this site exceeds 80,300 hits.