Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census data confirms there were a little over 51,000 private dwellings and a population of almost 132,500 people in the former Caboolture Shire at that time. 

(In the event of our sought after plebiscite for or against deamalgamation only residents of the original Caboolture Shire area wil be required to vote).

Please note that figures do not include commercial premises. Unitywater is unable to confirm how many of these dwellings had water and sewerage connections before the Local Government amalgamation in 2008 and subsequent formation of Unitywater in 2010. We recommend that you contact Moreton Bay Regional Council if you require further details. 

Unitywater currently services a population of over 406,000 people in the Moreton Bay Region, which covers the former Redcliffe, Caboolture and Pine Rivers shire areas. This includes a total of 61,352 water and sewerage customer accounts in the former Caboolture Shire area. 

We hope this information is of some assistance and should you have any further queries please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 0 UNITY.

Information courtesy Basil Jeffreys - Patron - Reclaim Caboolture Shire Inc.