Please read the page 1 story on www.mybribieisland.com.au. about the unreasonable persecution of Doug and Heather at Toorbul Marine by MBRC. Frightening reading.

Doug and Heather attended the RCS forum about 18 months ago, and Heather was one of our guest speakers.

The editor of MBI today advised that 30 persons have downloaded Justice Fraser’s decision against MBRC.

Six have downloaded the latest Order by MBRC against Toorbul Marine. The Bay experience may not be unique.

There are many principles involved in this saga and furthermore it demonstrates clearly the difference between a council that is at war with its ratepayers and one that works with them.

MBI is happy for us to reprint this article in full or shortened form - evidence of how low this council has sunk and to give support to Doug and Heather.

Readers are invited to forward examples of unfair/unreasonable legal persecution of ratepayers by this council. Names may be suppressed by request.

It is interesting to compare the performance of MBRC with the GUARANTEED performance of your next council under the YOUR COMMUNITY FIRST banner. (Some clauses listed below!)

Best wishes - Ken Park

YOUR COMMUNITY FIRST - extracts from policy statement. 

1.YCF councillors will uphold the highest standards of integrity.

MBRC has condoned vindictive persecution, discrimination, stalking and malevolent pay-back actions.

9.  YCF councillors will make themselves available locally on a regular basis for direct consultation with ratepayers.

MBRC communicates  through its lawyers.

12.  YCF councillors will engage in proper consultations with all relevant parties to avoid unnecessary legal costs. 

MBRC has paid a fortune in legal costs for unsuccessful persecution of this business; and now, without any conferring or warning, they are trying to bankrupt owners through repeated legal means; with no regard for cost to ratepayers.

14.  YCF councillors will encourage local business and employment opportunities......

MBRC is  dedicated to destroying local business and the LOCAL employment it generates.

19.  As employers, YCF councillors will give sound leadership to all staff...

.MBRC  staff is “out of control” owing to lack of leadership by senior staff.

It appears that they can prosecute ratepayers without seeking council’s approval.

 Ken Park 8 Green St Banksia Beach QLD 4507