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17. Dec, 2017


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Website 9. Nov, 2017


Like your site

14. Sep, 2017

Leo Barraclough

BAS JEFFRIES - CO FOUNDER & PATRON LEFT US LAST WEEK - A gentleman - a fighter for the underdog -a political wizard. Bye and thanks mate.

Website 13. Sep, 2017


Love your site! Keep up :)

Website 19. Aug, 2017


This is a great place.

Website 31. Jul, 2017


The same public asset strip is predicted over here in nz.

Website 31. Jul, 2017


Our target is to overthrow oppressive treatment of our neighbours who can ill afford the skyrocketing cost of survival in our shire.

Undergrad opinions are not welcome to a board of retired professionals who have been there and seek no personal outcome.

Old people sit in the dark - exist on minimal water usage..in a rich shire! Can you help to improve their lives without platitudes?

Website 26. Jul, 2017


This site is about returning power to the people! Small business is failing - water and power cost denies survival. People sit in the dark! Jim now controls power and water

Unelected - un principled - un Australian!

Website 17. Jul, 2017

Amie Byrd

What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Website 27. May, 2017


Continued good luck with the business.

Website 11. Mar, 2017

Phyllis McNeel

Thanks for all informative and I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to get some ideas here, nice site.

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Thanks for your sharing! I discovered many new things from your website.

15. Jun, 2015

Ken Park

Today is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta....you know, when they forced the king to obey the law and finally the people got a say.......

29. Jan, 2015

ken downing

The same public asset strip is predicted over here in nz.
I think the nz govt. is setting the nz communities up for an amalgamation shit fight in order to push through with their policy of state sell offs.
In my town we have good infrastructure
that is ripe for the taking.
Its interesting to see the same has happened over the ditch in Aus.
I hope your deamalgamation fight gets some traction and you can get your communities back.

21. Nov, 2013

Jens Lipponer

Having lived in the shire since I was 6 back in 1982 I have noticed a serious decline in the livability of Caboolture. I don't mind paying rates but there is need to bring back the options such as discounts and the choice of when to pay such as yearly
etc. I don't need to mention unity water........The R in MBRC stands for rip off.... Council needs to be reminded of their position, that they are subservient to the people in the shire not vice versa.......

11. Jun, 2013


We used to get service by an accountable person with the old smaller council. Nowadays it is difficult to get a clear answer from the amalgamated council. No one there seems to want to take any responsibility which is just sad for the people.

13. Apr, 2013


Great meeting today at the Community Hall. New officers elected and excited at the prospects of "seizing " back our Council. Action all around, except of course from Council aldermen and Paid Government officials! Let's all remember that it is on record
that Campbell Newman promised us a vote for De-amalgamation! Let's keep him to his word.

3. Apr, 2013


We have gained a voice . Hear us Roar !

27. Mar, 2013

Frankie Park

Congratulations on Newsletter number 4.
It is worth paying $5 to join, just to get the newsletter!

17. Mar, 2013

Karen Warner

As an ex employee who has witnessed first hand the absolute disintegration of any kind of customer service ethic from this Council, we desperately need to get back to basics of a smaller Council that puts Rate Payers and services above profits.

10. Mar, 2013

Frankie Park

I am endeavouring to have the pedestrian/mobility scooter access to Banksia Beach shopping centre made safe.
In response to a complaint lodged by me MBRC sent a staff member to inspect the situation. He came from Strathpine, sat for one
hour and watched. He agreed the existing facilities were dangerous BUT told me Council could do nothing. He gave me the phone number of the Development's owner and asked me to follow it up with them!!!!
Let's get back
a Council that knows its area and cares!!!!!!!!

18. Feb, 2013

chris Minetti

strength in numbers, please get action from your friends not just talk.

12. Dec, 2012

Fred Price

The residents of Moreton Bay Council now have the most expensive water in all of Australia thanks to Unitywater. Well done chaps, your greed knows no bounds!

Website 8. Dec, 2012

Ian Morrison

Great concept gentlemen. I've joined in the interests of reclaiming OUR Shire