Ken Park - Address to the Bribie APSL group


We didn't want a Regional Council - We didn't ask for it!

We did in fact, have an unofficial vote (a plebiscite) and ratepayers of Redcliffe City, Pine Rivers Shire and Caboolture Shire overwhelmingly rejected the idea of a Mega Council. 

 WE GOT IT ANYWAY - An undemocratically forced amalgamation of the three Shires which were already among the countries' largest.

Under the new mega council, in our opinion -

  • Representation is no longer personal or local
  • Political parties will now contest elections as they do in Brisbane City. We want only local independent councillors who will represent only their ratepayers interests
  • The bureaucracy has mushroomed in numbers and salaries. Departmental heads are now too remote from the "Coal Face" to really know what is going on.
  • Services have not improved, debt has grown. Caboolture was previously, we understand, debt free.
  • There is disunity and jealousy between the old shire areas. Bribie Island ratepayers ask, for example, what benefits they will receive from spending their rates on a Railway line to Redcliffe.
  • In fact the area is so large that there can be no Community of Interest. Unity is impossible. Pride in OUR Council is not feasible because there is no longer a sense of it being OUR COUNCIL.
  • There is now an Infrastructure Charge. What are our rates itended for if not to provide infrastructure?
  • The Council has undertaken to provide funding for a railway line.When under the Australian Constitution did railways become a Local Government responsibility?
  • The promised economies of scale and improved efficiencies have not materialised - indeed the opposite seems to be the case.
  • Small businesses and developers all complain that the mega council is uncooperative and oppressive. The area is not developing to its' full potential.
  • Rates have not reduced nor have they been restrained to the CPI increases. Some people have had abnormal rate rises.
  • Unity Water was not taken back when offered so we have another mega bureaucracy to support and no relief from oppressive water and sewerage charges.
  • The Council has to pay $500,000 pa Carbon Tax (from our rates) because we are so large.


During the state election campaign in 2012 Campbell Newman and his team made it quite clear that ratepayers would be given the opportunity to reverse the undemocratic forced amalgamations.

That option, believe it or not, has been given and the deadline imposed by the Minister, Hon David Crisafulli M.P. has passed. Furthermore, the conditions imposed by the Minister were so onerous that no Commnity based organisations could possibly comply!

  • We regard the ministers' proposal as unsatisfactory because -
  • It is not democratic - not all ratepayers have been consulted or given the option to be consulted.
  • It is unreasonable in that-
  • it is impossible to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles placed in the way.
  • It is inconsistent with LNP ELECTION PROMISES.

One of the Ministers' strategies was that an amalgamated Council could advise him if they were interested in damalgamation. Moreton Bay Regional Councillors declined to do so. GUESS WHY!

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