One week before Xmas the MBRC issued us two enforcement notices after refusing to acknowledge that the Pine Rivers Shire plumbing and building inspectors had approved our septic and buildings when they visited us in 1988. How is this in any way decent or ethical?

And all this because of a malicious and clearly retaliatory complaint made the same week I was poisoned, nearly died, and had to be carted off to hospital in an ambulance. The council deliberately covered up the date of that complaint, acted on it, despite the highly questionable circumstances and denied the two issues were related. The Qld ombudsman ruled they acted unreasonably, but the MBRC have ignored them and continued to harass us, sending us show cause notices in the midst of that investigation.
We have heard from others that Council records are incomplete, even for approvals as recent as 2007. Also that they are pressuring many to upgrade stand alone septics to powered $20,000 sewage treatment systems which need 4 services a year. The electricity cost is equivalent to running a second fridge. This when electricity costs are constantly rising and the climate is in meltdown, is patently insane.
We are now being bullied with a threat of a $200,000 fine into making a new development application for structures  and a septic they told us were fine in 1988. We must now comply with RETROSPECTIVE overlays introduced in February 2016, many of which are without substance.
It is ironic in the extreme that after spending 30 years transforming our 12 acre block from a grass desert to a forest, home to many hundreds of species, (bird count alone now 145) we are told that because this is now 'a sensitive environmental area' we may be evicted from our own home of 30 years which we own outright,  with no debt owed to anyone. 
Yet it is this 'sensitive area' with resident platypus, echidna, and 145 species of birds that they wantonly poison year after year despite ongoing opposition, while conveniently ignoring destructive land practices and clearing in the immediate vicinity. Nor will we forget how they attacked rare and threatened riparian rainforest near the creek edge to smash a horse trail through in early 2001 with a backhoe. Luckily opposition from local residents and good and decent horse owners put a stop to this stupidity.
All this, when we are facing health challenges, and in our senior years.
We were told they don't care how old you are, nor it is implied, how ill, frail or vulnerable.
To be faced with huge financial imposts and the threat of being sent to jail if we don't pay, when we are not well and in our sixties is an unexpected challenge I doubt any decent society would consider acceptable.
This when our elected politicians are lining their own pockets at taxpayers expense is especially outrageous. 
It seems we have committed a heinous crime, that of being old and ill in the Moreton Bay Shire,  where only expensive ostentatious new development is approved of. When asked, what if they can't afford it, Councillor Matt Constance said ' Well, we all have trouble putting petrol in our cars from time to time'. He also said ' We want to work with the Ravenscrofts', but so far all we've had is bullying, intimidation and harassment.
Australians are fed up with this arrogant Joe Hockey view of the world, where our elected officials haven't a clue and don't give a damn. He has never returned my phone calls. I am also still waiting for Darryn GrimWade to call.
No doubt if we cannot comply, they will sensitively remove us with bulldozers, together with the trees, our friendly resident dragons, rare black bobuck possums, and all the rest of the extraordinary wildlife community that have made their homes here. While claiming how much they care for our environment and community.
One of the local real estate agents said it all:
'What do you want to stay there for? It's all going to go. It's just a matter of time . They all have their applications in.'
Remember the Carley Simon song? 'You don't know what you've got til it's gone...Take paradise....Put up a parking lot.'
If any of this resonates with or you have similar stories or concerns please email me or write anonymously if you prefer to POBox 108 Samford 4520. Many will not speak up for fear of repercussions, but this is no way to run civilised democracy. In the end we get the governments we vote for. Ask yourself, did you vote for this?
Ph 0405 694388